Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Aslaam alaykom and where I am blogging now

Asalaam alaykom ramatullahi wa barakato dear sisters,

I haven't had time to post the old comments you've left me (I have 702 to go through apparently) please forgive.

I am still working on archiving all the Islamic and shopping posts on 'beautiful muslimah' and transferring ILH over there. It is over 800 posts on BM to edit, and 400 on ILH to transfer it is alot of work and I often need a break from it.

I had stopped posting on each as regularily as I had when I was in Canada when I moved to the Khaleej because I felt I'd already said most of what I'd needed to say on anything I had knowledge on, and wanted to focus on myself, and getting my Islamic knowledge applied.

Zaenab recently did an awesome post on "Stylish Muslimah" about how she blogged about hijab before she actually started wearing it and saying she knew that would come off as hypocritical. I don't think so at all, and was proud of her for admitting that. I am sure some girls found it helpful.

I have alot of Islamic Knowledge on certain subjects in Islam, alhamdulilah, and while I am comfortable writing why I know something to be the truth, doesn't always mean I've managed to apply it to myself in an unhypocritical way 100% of the time in everything I understand and can answer questions on.

For example, it is so easy to say to a woman who has converted to Islam that she cannot be married to her non-Muslim husband of many years. Truth. Easy to explain. Easy to back up with hadith.

Or tell a girl to leave behind her family and friends and wear hijab 100% and change her work and be alone.

Or leave that Saudi player that told her about Islam in the first place but never got around to marrying her Islamically.

Easy to say.

But hard to do.

Allah give all of us strength to apply are knowledge, ameen.

The women who manage such things instantly and with greatfulness to Allah I admire so much.

But the ones who can't, even if I know they are wrong, I don't judge them.

In some aspects of life, albeit not the headscarf+nailpolish or other lesser things, I have been one of them. Deep down, all of us have in one aspect of the deen or another.

That said, I will still post on Islamic issues of the great import, but until that or until BM is back in business, you can always check out my lifestyle blog here: www.shedancesinthemajlis.blogspot.com
though it probably isn't as interesting as what work I came up with for the blogs in Canada.

Here I find one has to be more self-focussed as a Muslim because even if one is surrounded by Muslims, knowledge is without the why. Everyone follows along even if they see where they are being led is the wrong path or too hard a path for it to be from Allah.

And as for hijab fashion, we tend to wear khaleeji abayas, and get them made from the tailors, so shopping is a blessed ease beyond expense. I tend to focuss more on what I wear under the abaya in Oman, and that is a great relief:)

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