My Style: Saudi Shayla style, cute and casual for Out-&-About

I fell in love with an Arabesque look with flowers...So I set out to make my own by buying some silk flowers from the dollar store and affixing them to the sleeves of a plain black "Islamyia" cut abaya (it is open, but closes at the sides so is a very modest open-style abaya) I got from the Mutrah Souq in the Sultanate of Oman, and the edge of a shayla purchased from the now defunct I usually wore it with a flowy Valentino chiffon top that matched the colour of the flowers and a creamy pleated chiffon skirt I found at "Dots" a Victoria boutique store. I usually accessorized it with a long necklace, and found that alot of non-muslims liked it. The shayla style also suited my face very well and worked well with niqab.


Kiki said…
Salaams sis! I was wondering if you could do a post on physical exercise and post baby weight. InshaAllah I pray I will one day have a beautiful little one like you, but I still have a bit of winter weight I want to get rid of.
Is it hard wearing niqab? Do you go to a gym?

I love your posts, I'm a Canadian convert as well but not with nearly as much knowledge MashaAllah! <3

Hope to hear from you too

Lots of Love

Pixie said…
Dear Kiki: Check the newest post for an answer to your question;)