An outfit from my early days learning about hijab

Since my co-wife reads my blog, she saw the pics of my Eid dress, and asked our husband what he thought of me posting my pictures on the net (with the faces whited out) and if he'd let her do such a thing. He said he didn't let me but since it wasn't haraam he couldn't stop me. When he and I talked about this, I told him it is just because of his culture he doesn't like it, so these following posts will be in response to that mindset. I think it is bad for Islam to let culture forbid something Islam doesn't. I mean, if my husband lets me go out of the house dressed this way, he can't object to it being seen by others. That would be hypocritical. So here goes some posts of real outfits I wore since I don't have time to write more Islamic posts. (I'll admit, I am being a bit lazy, please forgive me).

Above is a set featuring what I wore in my early, early days as a Muslim in Canada, trying to make hijab out of what I already owned. A pair of white whide leg Jacobs trousers were integral, along with alot of Jacobs trench coats.

I was also facsinated with all the Egyptian hijab wrapping tutorials on the net. I tried multiple scarves all the time since most of my pre-islam scarves weren't long enough to cover my chest and all of my hair alone.


Fatima said…
If you don't mind my asking, where do you live? Country, I mean LOL. Becuase it says co-wife, as in your hunsband has two wives? Oh and also, what is the proper term for a co-wife? I have wondered for a long time. :)