Some More Early Muslimah Days in Canada Pics

When I didn't really have hijab items, my old button-up shirts, trench coats, pashminas, long skirts and wide leg trousers helped me make due.I totally stocked up on a billion colours of Le Chateau pashminas. I wore them with existing caftans and jalabiyias I already had and my one black abaya.I also occasionally found scarves at Sirens (these were the days when scarves were scarce). I also hoarded Maci dresses and was sooooooooo relieved when both came back into style. That purple Pardesu coat pictured below? Found in Value Village (I always looked through the used stores for anything I could wear as hijab).
I found the accessories sections in stores and "claires" super useful for cheap and easy ways to dress up a hijab or make a niqab less scary to non-muslims.When I only owned two abayas I was constantly changing the trimmings on them. I handbeaded this abaya and sewed on some keffiyah and it suited me really well.I liked to wear really long necklaces and sunglasses with open style plain black abayas.Statement rings, purses and clutches, were my style pieces when making an outfit when most of my wardrobe consisted of plain black abayas from Sunnah also found some nice khaleeji abayas on ebay.
Sewing some trimmings on shaylas and niqabs customized them.


as salam, may i know why did u erase the face in the pics? just wondering, tq