Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Now what would you do if, say, you knew that world was going to be taken over by evil robots?

This is a serrious Islamic post. And then, well it's also not. Because I am going to make a silly comparison. That scared me.

I was just sitting around watching the TV series "Terminator: The Sara Connor Chronicles", a. because I am a geek, b. TV in English in Oman is very, very limited so you take what you can to avoid, say "the bold and the beautiful", and c. I find the premise of the show somewhat interesting.

If you are not a geek like me, and have NO IDEA WHATSOEVER what this show is about, or even the original "Terminator" film, the premise is this, someone was sent back from the future where evil robots of mankind's own making have taken over the Earth, to warn a single woman and to protect her whose son will be the leader of the future resistance against such an ill fate for humanity. At the same time, evil future robots have followed future man back, to try and kill said woman and anyone who might try to stop the future from happening as it has.

The TV series, takes off from there, with what the mother tries to do, knowing what she knows is coming. Some call her a criminal. Some call her a terrorist. Others call her crazy. Most go on unawares.

My question is this, what if I knew the world was going to be taken over by evil terminator robots, what would I do?

Would I do what the mother in the series does, having heard such a vital message? Would I do everything I could to protect myself and those I love most, forgoing a 'normal' life for training myself for the life to come, doing everything I can just to survive to make that journey?

Would I be even braver, and risk telling others about what is to come as I know it, even if I know that some will label me a terrorist, or call my crazy, and deny the truth in my words because I don't have the proof that their faithless hearts need?

Or would I just say, to hell with it, live life before it all goes away.

What would you do, if you knew the world's future, the future of humanity was at a loss?

I know for one, I wouldn't sit around thinking about who I was going to marry, about what house I will buy, or what would I wear if I had the means... I wouldn't care about my job unless it could give me the skills needed to survive.

I would RUSH to try and get my family, my friends, those dearest to me, to safety. I would warn the kind stranger, never fear if they thought me insane or then disliked me because, well, at least I tried.

In my normal life, without killer robots after me, I DO think and HAVE thought about these things. Qu'ran tells us that's ok. That's normal to do.

I haven't always told someone who was kind to me about Islam because I didn't want them to feel I was one of those "religious people who are nuts enough to preach" or something.

But then, watching this show and randomly thinking this couch potatoe scenario (I certainly wouldn't be watching TV if killer robots were after me) I realized, Shaytaan is worse than any killer robots. He's cloaked in ourselves with whisperings and distractions so that we don't even know that he's there do His best to see us done for.

And the Qu'ran does tell us the future of man is at a loss, except for those who do good works, and urge others to good.

We've, as Muslims, have been warned even more plainly than if a single man had come back from the future to tell us what is coming. Allah subhanhu wa ta ala has sent MANY Prophets to us. We have been told what is coming. And more than that, what we can do to be one of those who are spared and rewarded with the mercy of Jannah.

So why would I think that I would change more about myself if killer robots were after me, than I am doing now, I wondered tonight.


New Wife said...

as a fellow geek, i find this comparison mashaAllah very good and a great reminder...

it is so easy to become complacent and forget to fear what the future holds...

Madeeha said...

Assalamu alaikum sister, haha.. truly enjoyed the post mashaAllaah! I don't watch this show as I don't really watch TV much and I don't even know if they show it here in Dhaka, but I really like your post, jazaakillah khair :):) so true, we've been warned, the comparison was great, haha, mashaAllaah!