Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Some UGLY Khaleeji Abayas

"Telatubby"---people, no big shiny patch on your stomache looks good. Ever

"I am a crow-I am a bird-I am a plane. A winged insect?"
More shiny stomach appliques. Ughh.
The an orc from Lord of the Rings would wear if they were a hijabi.

Battle Star Gallactica look. Sorry Effa, but your shoulder pad designs fail even though the abaya cut itself IS lovely.

Just because the abaya came from the Khaleej or even a famous designer (I have seen ugly abayas from every design house, including Hanayen and Al Motahajaba) doesn't necessarily make it tasteful, the way that just because it is an abaya, won't guarantee that it is hijab. I've seen butt-tight abayas. I've seen UFO landing light bright crystalized abayas. I have seen tassels in places only strippers put tassels---- on abayas.

And somehow, writing a bit of design over your butt on an abaya, reminds me of those sweat pants that say "juicy". Kind of trailer trash. No body does that unless they want a give a guy an excuse ( he IS ALLOWED to look just once in the Qu'ran----and where are you leading his eyes, hmmm, your butt?). Well, excuse me, but don't complain about it later then.

Ugly is still ugly, no matter where it comes from. The examples I  have shown are NOWHERE as near to the horrors I have seen live and walking about in UAE and in Oman.


AlabasterMuslim said...

AsalAmu alaikum
The man is allowed to look if wants? Or he doesnt sin if he ends up seeing??

Because there is this muslim sister who would always tell me how her husband would look at all the skanky dressed women who walk down the street... To get that 'one look in'. Im like uh I dont think thats how it works lol

Sorry that was off topic. I love your blog and yes, i would never wear those abayas! I do like the first abaya if there was no teletubby shiny stomach!!

C said...

Asalaamu alaikum

lol, first there is mirror,mirror on the wall and then comes Star Trek.

Anonymous said...

Nice post! You are cool to say this, that even famous shops and designers have ugly abayas :) I've heard it before that even the biggest respected Western Designers make ugly dresses sometimes. If it wasn't so there would be no "worst dressed on a red carpet". I agree that just because shoes, a bag, or dress come from a famous designer, brand, it does not mean they are perfectly tasteful and beautiful. Also a lot depends on WHO's wearing it and HOW.

I've been to one of Al Motahajiba shops lately, very limited choice, nothing likable, some of their ababyas and sheilah's are extremely boring while very expensive at the same time! Hanayen often has very "amateurish" abayas on catwalk during fashion shows, to me they just lack sophistication as if created by someone without a proper fashion eduction. Several tight "abayas" from Rouge Couture latest collection leave me puzzled. Shoulder pads are pretty popular in the Gulf. I've seen it on abayas (and blouses/jackets, dresses) by less popular designers too. I don't like such shoulder pads at all.

ummarham said...

Asalamualikum, sis. love and enjoy your blogs. Rightly said about these abayas.
whats the point of wearing one when it does not hide your figure or beauty rather calls out loud to oogle at you. Sadly, this trend is pervailing among hijab/abaya wearing sisters.

Lisa Shepherd said...

Sister, do you write for another blog also? I really enjoy your posts :-)