Where you'll find me these days... to what I keep in my closet (or WISH I kept there)

Asalaam alaykom ramatullahi wa barakto sisters,

I hope you're all in the best of health and imaan. Just wanted to let you know I am still working on getting ILH & BM together and cleaned up. In the meantime, please follow along at www.shedancesinthemajlis.blogspot.com where I'll be blogging more regularily. I am working on featuring what's in my closet in the way hijab, different abaya cuts and trends in Oman and other Khaleeji/Gulf countries, and basics on fabric types and costs.
I will also constantly be posting on places to shop in Oman or other faves. Just random stuff you know I like, as well as the occasional hijab tip (based around the hijab don't's I encounter more in the Khaleej) and styling advice. Follow along and stay tuned because I am working on a pretty decent post on niqab styles (as well as styling).