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Examples of Products Available Internationally Through My FB Page

PLEASE NOTE: the boutique is currently closed right now. I don't have time to run it to the best standard of service.
Draped Neck Bisht abaya in Super Nida available with your choice of colour for the belt (and even piping or floral embroidery on the cascade of the sleeve falls in a similar style to the one worn by Muna Bin Kalli of the Dubai Ladies club for minimal additional charge)
For the online boutique I am trying to showcase only products in the way of abayas that both the cut and the fabric are up to the standards of local Khaleeji women, and are something I myself would wear (although maybe in a different colour or trimming than you might like to order to customize your own---and can through me!!!!).
"Diamond Cut Style" abaya available in Super NIda Fabric with your choice of colour of chiffon or satin trim. Can be made to snap close until the waist but is an open style meant to be worn as hijab with skirts and dresses. Laces and other decorative trims available to customize the look. The model below is wearing the same cut of abaya but with the sleeves tailored to taper at the wrists:
The abayaat on the FB don't feature designer prices, though Khaleeji abayaat tend to cost more than what you'd expect depending wholly on the fabric. Most of my abaya are made of the better quality Super Nida (I have a cheaper thinner option if you'd like but that has to be ironed and can snag easily), Saudi Crepe, or a Harir Crepe, and Jersey Stretch, depending on what I have found is personally best for the design. Some cuts of abaya allow less expensive abaya fabrics to be used, like top black, and internet, in certain parts of the cut without making the abaya too heavy for wearing in warmer climates. I CAN MAKE for sisters in the lesser quality fabrics if they request that in order to get a discount but I don't encourage it if you don't live somewhere cooler than I do;).
"Fishtail" cut abaya made of super-Nida fabric. Sleeves available in both bisht and kimono types. Easily customized with fabric trims ect as pictured below, laces, and embroideries.
 Tailors usually charge 4-7 Omani rials just in tailoring fees for a garment, and additional charges for the materials in any additional deisgn+time, on top of the abaya fabric.

Examples of ways a tailor can customize any tailor design of abaya: with laces and piping trims
Examples of ways a tailor can customize any tailor design of abaya: with studs and sew on appliques
Examples of ways a tailor can customize any tailor design of abaya: with fabrics and layering of such.
 That is how I derive my prices. After gas to place the orders, pick them up, and ship them, I don't make alot, so please, know you are getting the best price you can without coming to Oman or Saudi ect and finding the tailors yourself! :).
"Drop-waist" style made entirely of jersey stretch except for the fabric you choose for the neck panel. The cut of the abaya keeps the Jersey from sticking to any part of your body and has a lovely flow. A popular 'casual day-wear' style for Emirati women in Dubai.
Another style of "bisht" cut abaya made of gathered Nida fabric.
 I AM limited on what the tailors charge for how "in style" the cut of abaya is but unlike some other online boutiques selling designer knock-off abayas, I won't overcharge for the price of anything the tailors will get for me no matter how stylish you want it made:). I'll be adding alot more cuts and looks soon!

I have 3 styles of niqab in stock so far, the "big-eyed" headband style with a nose-string, headband style with a shorter veil with or without nose-string, and a two-layered flip niqab (stringless) with ruffled edging. I'll be adding more inshaAllah!

 I'll also be one of the few boutiques carrying Burqas;) and I have alot of styles, from the crystalized ones for nikahs, to the traditional ones:
Genuine real "atamad" kohl with no additives beyond the oil to make it into paste which I and my husband wear ourselves and is made by our family members back in the village (though I need to find a less expensive option than the traditional silver container we Khaleejis keep ours in):
 Arabic calligraphy jewelry:
And these cute clutches just because I love them (they say mashaAllah or you can get the ordered to say your name or daughter's ect):
I will also in the future be selling different bukhoor including frankincense and some other other famous Arabic perfumes like oud ect.
I will also stock caftans and jalabiyia but haven't at the moment. Jalabiyia tailors aren't as reliable as those you make abayas so I will have to just tailor height and do ready-wear for those unless you ladies are okay with giving me over a month to guarantee the dress is  ready on time ect. . I am thinking to add the "in style" shades of peel-off nailpolish so girls have no excuse to neglect their wudu in the name of being chic;) and also for Ramadaan next year tins of dates, enough to have 3 dates per person each day for breaking the fast:). If you have nay other requests of what you'd like me to stock or an abaya design you have a photo of and would like to know what it would cost to get it tailored email me at opnoprincess      @ [no spaces].

So check out the Facebook store here and press "like" to get updates!/pages/Abayaat-Al-Omaniyia-by-Pixie/307575166000484

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