Saturday, June 16, 2012

New Online Store Opening---via Facebook

Please note: due to having limited time available the Boutique is not currently open. As I am unable to guarantee 100% on customer service I am unable to take orders at this time. By march 2013 I will reevaluate. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Asalaam alaykom sisters,

I just wanted ya'll to know, I am reopening the "Beautiful Muslimah Online Boutique-Pixie Your Personal Shopper" store to facebook and changing the name of it. It won't be open for orders until the end of this month but you can make inqueries and check out my stock as I update the pages here:!/pages/Abayaat-Al-Omaniyia-by-Pixie/307575166000484 . You can also search it on FB as "Abayaat Al Omaniyia by Pixie".
So please press "like". I may think of a contest for the first first 100 "likes" to be entered in. ;)

The store will be delivering tailored abayas as per client requests (and if there is a design you ar einterested in email me a picture of it at OPNOprincess         @     {no spaces} and the girls of that email address will source it for me and I'll get back to you with its availability and price), as well as niqabs, shaylas, and other Islamic and Khaleeji fashion and household items. ***I have burqas/birqa***and am trying to stock personalized Arabic jewelry, REAL kohl, perfumes, and bukhoor as well. Let me know what other items you'd be interested in.
That's all for now. Sorry I haven't been doing any Islamic content posts of late. I am saving that for the "Beautiful Muslimah" blog's grand reopening.

See you all on Facebook inshaAllah!


Anonymous said...

YAYYYYYY mashallah..can't wait till its more established soon inshallah.
I think what ure starting out with is good (I'm personally very interested in real kohl) .Allah make it successful and beneficial to all involved Ameen.

Melissa said...

Can't wait to see what you have for sale in the facebook store!

Anonymous said...

aslm pixie jazak allah for ur positve polygny post i am frm south africa i am a second wife to a pakistani my co wife and her children are amazin my children now lol may allah bless you and ur famliy

خياطة وتفصيل said...

It looks beautiful! thank you so much :)