Tuesday, January 8, 2013

BM & ILH into 2013

So I have some goals for this blog.

1.) I will sort all posts into labels. Which will take a long time. 490 posts. They all need to be relabelled.
2.) I will upload some fashion sets I made of designer abayas and peices I adore for inspiration. Whenever google help fixes the upload images icon which has disapeared for all old fashioned un-technical personalities such as myself who continue to use internet explorer.
3.) I will change the blog header and background. I am bored of sand, being that I am now permanently based in the GCC.
4.) I will feature a list of my favourite online shopping sources, up to date for you all, even though I personally now never shop via online but I have alot of friends who do still;).
5.) I have begged and pleaded and hounded some poor PR and Beauty Editor whose number was given to me to get tickets to see the DAS and Mauzan shows at Muscat Fashion Week. Inshaallah they permit me to be seated as press. If they do, my photos will be shared with Jana over at hijabstyle and Ange from MissHijabi. Because if blogger doesn't fix this photo upload issue, then you will still be able to see their collections. If I get to go that is. Please, please Miss D. at PR I need to, I want to, I will cry shamefully into my pillow at night, if I don't get to go!
6.) My favourite blogs are always so well organized. Like Monday is for an inspiration board, tuesday is shopping links, wednesday is an interview with this designer, thursday is current events, ect... I want to start doing that with this blog. I guess that takes discipline. If I have that, I will try to make BM more journalistic. Oh, yeah, and I am changing the blog name of ILH to BM.
7.) I will post all my favourite finds, and feature other bloggers I love as well as interviews with designers.
8.) All of my links lists need serious spring cleaning. Most of the sites are defunct or aren't what I have reviewed them as anymore ect.
9.) I hope no one minds but all fashion will remain pretty GCC or to my own-Islamic tastes based. It's not that I don't think other styles are nice and all, they're just not to my taste.
10.) I will try to write dedicated authenticated and well-research Islamic posts every now and then but I have no time for that right now. Please forgive. Maybe I can feature other well wr-itten articles instead in the meantime?

Anyways, that's the new Year's resolutions for this blog.

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