Friday, February 22, 2013

Decorating Muslim Children's Bedrooms and a cute Islamic craft idea for kids

I have the world's largest archive of girls &boys bedroom ideas, including nurseries, since I had my own daughter. She has almost outgrown her crib/playpen and I did buy her a wrought-iron hot pink four-poster princess bed I one of these days plan to take downstairs and outside and spray paint a creamy white and then sew a canopy out of mosquitoe netting and vintage linens. Haven't gotten around to it, to say the least. But anyways, today I was looking online for handmade toys from Muslim countries or made by Muslims and came across this cute little US-based site: which honestly I have never ordered from so can't guarantee or anything [but if you have let myself and my readers here know]. Anyways, I loved the handmade children's prayer rugs, and a few other products. I think alot of the posters suit more modern design compared the rather ugly Islamic posters we do have here in the MiddleEast [not all--- but the majority are ugly plastic embossed overly gilded monstrosities]. I could see myself designing some very inexpensive childrne's rooms around them. I could also see myself making them myself [if I had time for another DIY-project].
I particularily loved the idea behind this poster, also pictured below the paragraph. It is a tree that describes the five pillars of Islam. Seeing that I first thought to myself, wow, if I wanted a cute wall-hanging thingie for a bare nursery wall, I could make that into a sewing project witha little quilting and stuffing and sewing. But actually, I am not a quilter. But then I thought about one of my old friends from back in Canada, who turned a child's school project meant to teach children about the hibernation period of bears into a project to help children understand Surah al Kaf [the cave]. Then I thought, making this tree out of paper would be a pretty awesome and cute craft project for kids to do themselves to teach them about the five pillars of Islam. Just draw the tree, and then cut out five leaves, one for each pillar: shahada/testifying to the oneness of Allah, salat/prayer, sawm/fasting, zakat/paying a percentage of one's wealth in savings yearly, and Hajj/holy pilgrimage to Mecca. Cute no? 


Albie said...

Asalaamu alaykum Pixie! I love the idea! Super cute. I've been finding cute Islamic kids' wallhangings recently myself. There's some adorable ones on Etsy, at


Boxie said...

Cute. I have so many ideas foe the day my little one gets a bedroom.

Pixie said...

Albie: Wa alaykom e salaam ramatullahi wa barakto, thank you for the link!

Boxie: INshaAllah that day won't be too far away:)