Friday, February 1, 2013

Stylish Sisters: Maha Al Qattan, Creative director of the Roselle abaya label

One of my all-time favourite personal-style looks, Roselle pastel piece with a hint of pastel lime and a  good dose of Valentino.
You've probably heard of the Dubai-based abaya fashion house she started along with Abeer Al Darwish... Roselle. But what you may not know is the name of the Fashion house's creative director, Maha Al Qattan. If you already do, you likely follow along on the brand's facebook page.

If you haven't managed to like the page I highly suggest that you do, just to see the regular feature "in Roselle" and Maha's own personal style [and new feature, the brand's own stylings]. Below, some of my favourite Maha looks:
I also love her fashion sets and inspiration boards:

 What do you think of this stylish sister's personal take on the abaya?: I LOVE IT. I wish I could afford to add some of her signature pieces to my wardrobe. See Roselle | Facebook

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Albie said...

Asalaamu alaykum Pixie. OH MY WORD, I love every piece. Just gorgeous. Lace, polka dots, pleats, tassel cords, the colors...she nails it every time! xx