Tuesday, March 12, 2013

BM's favourite trend of 2012: pastel hijabs, abayas, and more

Being I didn't actually blog IN 2012 too much, I have to say my favourite fashion trend was pastels. Because I am addicted to mint green, perriwinkle, and blush. I fell in love with simple-every day wear abayas trimmed with simple pastel shades of chiffon. EVERY DAY STYLES:

And of course, I still love event styles in pastel shades as well, who doesn't?:
 I especially loved the accessories, shoes, purses, and nailpolish! Of course, not everything that came the way of this trend was hijab friendly, but alot of girls looked pretty in dainty-shaded headscarves, chiffon skirt, wide-leg trousers, and maxi dresses with the sweetest bon-bon hues of cashmere cardis.
It is also nice to see hijabis ligthening up a little: 
The looks from collections such as www.inayahcollection.com
In my own closet in 2012, back when this trend was running rampant, I was pretty broke, but [ignore the purse, it was a gift from my husband and while it isn't pretty it is practical so I guess that should count for something] at the time I found this ready-made abaya made of a decent abaya fabric with poly-chiffon trim [also, ignore my bow-tying skills] on the sleeves in a girlie pastel pink for only 10 Omani rials (that is a find even here). That's right. 10 rials Omani. I see stores online charging 100 USD for this same style abaya, usually in worse quality fabric, which is shameful, just shameful really, when a tailor charges 25-30 OMR MAX ever, to make one for you:
Moving on from the topic of the trend of online stores ripping off sisters for nice looking Islamic-wear, what did y'all think of the pastel trend? I personally hope it continues for a long time coming but I know I have alot of friends whose style is a little more punk/goth lol, who absolutely HATE this pastel and pretty thing.

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Amazing Abayas :)