Juma Thoughts: be thankful

Today I am thankful for the fact that it is a weekend in Oman. And that I live in Oman. I may still have work to do but it IS a weekend. I am thankful most of all that no matter how tired I am my daughter's little smile can make me the happiest person in the world again in just a minute so thank you Allah for the blessing you've entrusted me with in Zz:
 I don't know what I'd do without here, I guess, have to thank Allah for the time we are given together however long that will be:)
 Allah knows there's times I haven't been so thankful, mainly through crying nights, feedings, and general exhaustion, but alhamdulilah for the smiles when they come, that make the effort that is being a mother worthwhile:
What a great reminder her little smile is, that Rasoolulah said a smile is sadaqah for the believers unto one another:)


Thank you for reminding me to be grateful for God's blessings today. It is so easy to take them for granted. Your daughter is beautiful. Thank you for sharing her with us from far away!
naseehah said…
awwhhh she is gorgeous mashallah! thanks for sharing ;o)
Anonymous said…
you won't show your face but you post hers? hypocrite. put a niquab on her, you yimyum.
Pixie said…
Thank you Stacey and Naseeah:)

Anonymous: if you're a Muslim you don't know anything about Islam as children have no awrah to cover so hijab of any kind isn't required. If you are a non-Muslim ditto. I choose not to cover my face or to cover my face as I will. In terms of posting on this blog I don't like hateful sounding people like yourself to be able to know me if we met in public soooo..... 'enough said.
Anonymous said…
put her in more modest clothes, then, DUH. you don't sound so bright. maybe if didn't spend all your time shopping for bling bling rings you can afford more modest clothes for your child.
Pixie said…
Dear anon: LOL. You're totally a weirdo. You're just mad I started blogging again and that Muslim women are happier and freerer than your Islam-hating mind can stand.

Like I said, little girls don't have awrah (i.e. no boobs, hips, butt) but what their diaper covers so they can wear whatever cute clothes they like to.

Just as I wear whatever clothes I like to under my modest public ones.

LOL, at bling rings. If only I had time to shop these days.

Go be ugly and pessimistic and anti-Islam and anti-freedom-to-practice-one's-religion somewhere else. Why not make your own blog:). You'll have lots of friends.

Or why not go read a blog that had stuff you agree about? Why follow mine?

Oh yeah, because it really irks you I have faith and am happy in that and what it entails.

Why not go find something that too makes you happy?

Just a suggestion, peace out.