Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Muscat Fashion Week 2013: Mauzan

A little laser-cut leather in roses from Mauzan's MF/13 catwalk collection. Wouldn't this look just so sweet when paired with a little Valentino?

During Muscat Fashion Week I had a chance to meet with the Mauzan design team and see the runway collection up close at the Muscat Opera Galleria. The girls behind the label were so sweet but ever so camera shy;). We chatted a little about "the Omani woman in fashion", Emirati fashion blogger Latifa Al Shamsi, my mixie Omani-Canadi baby girl, and of course their inspirations for the current collection. One of the major influences shared between a number of the designers at Muscat Fashion Week was a love of Medieval textiles. Tapestries from the Renaissance in Europe inspired the embroidery, while the Mauzan team wanted to give the wearer the ability to style pieces in multiple, personal ways.:
Detail shots are my own. Photos are otherwise credited to Mauzan, or as watermarked.
On the same page of individuality, the Indian-inspired handwork was deliberately arranged in an uneven manner to provoke interest:
More uneven detailing:
 Other on-point trends from both main-stream and abaya fashion filled a major part of the collection such as layering netted overlay over another textile. This is all in point with current Khaleeji abaya trends. It IS lovely, but I don't know, I am getting bored of it in Oman at least:
I did adore the peplum though, although the top portion does make me hesitate being I already own a number of abayaat in this style:

 Taking inspiration from the runway collections, the "boyfriend shirt" made an appearence. Which I don't know, maybe I am too old to wear, still remembering the bad bad bad Jordanian jilbabs of the 80s and early 90s back in the West? This look can go that direction all too easily in my opinion, unless you are a twenty-something or younger or a sister who as a very edgy trendy style (though the last picture is of an organza trench-coat style very in-line with Burberry's London Fashion week collection that I could see somehow working out well).
 Some classically "Mauzan" style pieces:
 Mauzan got this print designed and manufactured exclusively for the label from Italy:
 I did love the cotton eye-lit fabric used to create a prairie-skirt abaya style:
Also, if you are a Louboutin shoe-addict you might want to snap one of these mirror-affixed stunners from Mauzan to go with your Louboutins:
I want this one, in Mauzan's signature cut. Beautiful!

 Alas, my favourite trend in the abaya design world right now is not all this tired overlay but it is laser-cutting. And I know this will cause major major hijab problems for sisters who can't grasp the see-through-to-tight clothess underneath doesn't work as hijab issue. But for those who understand, it will be beautiful, believe me:
 I enjoyed the collection, and am happy to note  that the website has been updated for online shopping purposes:
Backstage with Mauzan:
Pre-show prettiness:

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