STYLISH SISTERS: Arwa, our very own, from Oman!

 Arwa is an Omani girl (and perhaps just for that reason alone I love her) who is obsessed with cosmetics and just being a regular girl hanging out in Oman (all the places we love to go, like Shatti). Check out her blog: which I recently just rediscovered.
 And modest and cute under her abaya too!:
She gives alot of makeup advice and styling tips, plus I love her party eyeliner style. I have to try that the next edgier wedding I get invited to lol:


Anonymous said…
I just discovered your blog and like it very much. Can you tell me what kind of work you do?

Really enjoy your fashion although I live in Seattle where things are not fashionable at all.

Still, I enjoy seeing what sisters are doing.

Pixie said…
Anon: I am an academic, and previously I worked for a large development company.

Seattle has the most stylish freeway I've ever seen:)