Best of the blogosphere: abaya DIY

I just wanted to share some of my favourite online finds with my readers, and today I'll post my favourite do-it-yourself [DIY] tutorials for abaya. Above, how to make your own shoulder padded abaya, tutorial from is actually my favourite DIY site for Muslimah's all around. She has so many awesome tutorials, that she has a section just for DIY on her blog header. From how to cut your own pattern for a basic abaya, sew a Rabia Z inspired shayla, her tutorials are the best out there. They rock!
Fabric panels inserts are some of the biggest trends in Khaleeji abaya designs right now. Ange from does a great basic tutorial on an old abaya. I like to add an inner tying belt on fabric panel DIY abayas to give them that chic factor. I should probably make my own tutorial for that.
Tutorials for DIY scarf hangers: 1. out of regular hanger, with glue gun, ribbon, and shower curtain rings
and  #2 just shower curtain circles and a hanger
Now I totally remember blogging this simple DIY turorial a long, long, (probably 2008) time ago. But then I realized, it's on the old BM blog account. Ooopsie.
Anyways, if you are into Khaleeji style you probably end up with more black hijabs then any other shade. Hijab pins (tailoring stick pins) can be bought at no expense even in the West, but nothing sucks more than obvious boring pin in a smart hijab style. Soo, DIY is simple, nailpolish the tip of the stick pin the shade of your desired scarf. Photo courtesy of


la.noir said…
As Salamu Alayakum sister, Jazak'Allah Khair for featuring my blog on your blog :).
As for the price range, the last Barakah collection was £55 to £95.
Maria said…
Assalamu'Alaikum hun!
JazakAllah khair for posting my diy hijab pin tutorial on your blog.
Glad you liked it ^_^