Tuesday, April 30, 2013

JUMA THOUGHTS: Advice for new Muslimahs, and new hijabis

Good advice [the above].

I find usually new Muslims are rushed to do everything at once. Hijab is often stressed as more important than anything else and while this blog is a great place to learn about hijab and more in depth Islamic issues, I am probably not always the best starting point to "welcome to Islam" for sisters lol. But I will pass on some advice anyways, that's all advice is good for anyway right?

A very wise Shayk once advised an impatient me, to start with the pillars of Islam, shahada, (and understanding that absolutely---the most difficult of all pillars), prayer (second hardest pillar), fasting, zakat, and hajj, and said on the issue of salat (prayer) born Muslims are given a time from when they start to learn as children, and when they must fulfill it. We should have the same kind of patience with ourselves as we would for our born Muslim children.

Begin with understanding what you worship in life, i.e. what are your priorities, and how does Allah/God the One and Only stand next to them? This is your shahada. When you say that you believe that Mohammed sallalahu alahi wa salaam (that means peace and blessings be upon him) was a Prophet, do you follow what he (in the ahadith) advised you to do? I mean, afterall, what good is a Prophet you know nothing about and whose advice you don't heed, and whose example you don't know?

If you manage all that in one year (for myself the process is still ongoing and I struggle) then examine prayer. Learn how to pray. Learn what each action of salat means. Learn to seek Allah through salat. When you need reach Allah there is prayer. When you need Allah to speak to you, there is the Qu'ran to read.

If these two pillars are strong, the others will come easily to you, inshaAllah.

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