Just because you wear an abaya doesn't make it hijab

I am delighted many sisters in recent years have found the jilbab/overgarment/abaya can easily be worn, due to Khaleeji fashion modernizing the garment. I also understand that many designers choose to photograph their designs without hijab worn properly in order to showcase all of the aspects of the design. I have no problem with this, as the designs are meant for the veiwing of women so that they can make informed purchases. I also post such  designs because I know I can wear them as hijab...But it can be difficult to find photographs of sisters actually wearing stylish Khaleeji fashion as hijab online. This has misdirected many women of our ummah sadly, as many of our Muslim sisters are wearing abaya but not as hijab---all while thinking they are in fact wearing hijab---and often misleading others to this as well. This breaks my heart. The photos I have found below are dated, that actually show loose jilbab with headcovering styled correctly so that no breastage, hips, butt, or hair or neck is exposed. Some good (but not all really stylish examples):
 I DO believe Khaleeji abaya can be fashionable and meet all the hijab requirements of course, so long as the shayla is styled to cover the chest and hair and one doesn't purposely tailor a design or style it to hug the indent of one's waist or butt, or leave it open to show skinny jeans and tight clothes ect... or push the arms up to show bare arms ect...
I also have no problem with women who wear the abaya as a cultural rather than Islamic garment. It was part of their culture long before Muslim women embraced this little black dress as their own due to the relative ease of wearing it modestly. However, I do have a problem with Muslim women calling an abaya alone as hijab, when the way they wear it so that it is void of the Qu'ranic commands for hijab. Which are, a. the overgarment be worn so that it is not tight or see through. Styling the belt so that it shows your curves is no longer jilbab. Wearing an open abaya so that it shows tight or see through clothing on underneath? Not hijab. Tailroing it tight so that your butt is seen when you walk, also... not hijab. And b. the khimar/hijab/headscarf should be pulled to cover the breasts.
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The Qu'ran already refers to the hijab as a headcovering and a head means the hair and ears, and when it is pulled as directed it covers the neck and the shape of the breasts as well. Many sisters say that they are wearing a modest dress already with abaya so no need for khimar. No need for what Allah S.W.T said is a must if you want to be considered a believing woman?

I honestly don't really like doing these kind of posts because I already did enough of them on the blog archives if sisters want to read through and many will harass the comments sections saying I am picking on sisters ect... or being "negative" and "no one wants to hear" but I think little recaps are necessary for those new to hijab (khimar and jilbab). Anyways, please be nice. Hijab is not a pillar of Islam but to call a blog a hijab fashion blog it should at least remain true to hijab once in a while right?, stating what hijab is, or just go and call itself an Arab/Khaleeji lifestyle/fashion blog and take the hijab out of the equation to stop confusing sisters who really want to wear hijab.



As salam alikum wrt. wbt. I totally agree with what you have stated. Now a days people have introduced so many different styles to hijab that it contradicts with the true meaning of hijab.
In Islam there's a very thin line which separates the right from wrong and it's very easy to get on the wrong path for one who has little knowledge.
Maryam said…
assalamualaikum sister. I have one abaya, my first ever abaya. i bought it from a sister who is staying in UAE. i see a lot of Arabs here in Malaysia wearing it, in a proper way (covering everything) so I was attracted to try one. hope i will not fall into those kind of fancy abaya. can't deny that they are so gorgeous.
Albie said…
Asalaamu alaykum Pixie,
Thanks for doing this post. There is a lot of (mis)information out there about the hijab, and your blog is consistently one place that Muslimahs can look to for honest, religiously correct advice. Can't imagine who would have trouble with that. xx
Anonymous said…
Salam sis, you should be proud that you have made a post outlining what allah swt has ordered muslimha's to do. In the end Allah will ask you about your deeds so who cares if people don't agree with u. There will always be the many sisters who because of their own short comings hate to be reminded of anything to do with correct hijab..its just life but your should never apologise for propagating good and forbidding evil Mashallah.
If some girls are new to your blog it seems more fashion then hijab just looking at the latest couple of pages just because they have not read your amazing posts from the pasts about quranic jilbab so i think these recaps and reminders are essential inshallah. Allah reward you for your efforts and help you to continue in calling for what is right Inshallah.Ameen.
Anonymous said…
Sister Pixie it is good!!!! because the sisters dont kno!!! i had bad hujab too my culture they dont wear good hijab!! U have help me sister with good advice I love you blog!!! from Saima!!