Monday, April 15, 2013

ONLINE SHOPPING REVIEW: Boutique Al Khaleejia, rating -5

As ya'll probably know, I moved to the GCC, abaya capital of the world. I rarely, if ever shop online anymore. I don't like to be overcharged for designer knock-offs or chance being ripped on a new site since product reviews from hijabi bloggers are often on items they recieved without ordering anonymously, thus they have no idea what shipping is like for the average customer, or dealing with complaints ect... and I like to touch the fabrics in hand, and go to my own personal tailor so everything fits just right. But alot of you sisters can't jet to ME to get your hijab-style-fix, so I shall do my reviews through anonymous purchases, or through friends who ordered. The site up for review today is UAE-founded and USA based Boutique Al Khaleejia. Website:!/boutiquealkhaleejia?fref=ts  and Boutique Al-Khaleejia.

I have never ordered from BAK. But two of my friends did. One of the friends[from Australia] never recieved her order or any reimbursement for it or reply to her inqueries, only to have her comments deleted off the sites pages. The other [Boxie from "Little Old Me"--- her review is available through the list of blogs I advertise] at long-last recieved a piece-of-[insert whatever language you desire here] after being ignored for months. The items pictured are the items the girls ordered as advertised by BAK. In fact, this is the main reason I got back into blogging. I felt the available hijab sites were accepting promotional products and giving great reviews for BAK and I had to wonder...why the voices of the sisters who recieved no or bad products were being shushed or ignored. Since NA exclusive abayas was associated with BAK, I also don't know what to think of them now. I wonder should I order and risk wasting my money to test their service? Below is my reason for BAK's abysmal rating:
1.) The items actually arrived and could be worn on arrival as Islamic wear: In one case the item did arrive but was not wearable. In the other case, the items never arrived. Big fat zero for them here.
2.) The items arrived in the time stated they would: One order never arrived despite constant inqueries and the removal of her comments from the website, and the other was over four months late+ the oringinal estimated tailoring and shipping times. Both the old owner and the new were responsible for this. Big fat zero.
3.) Items were sized correctly, and well constructed: 0 for this for multiple reasons. Sleeve was puckered. Fabrics used were not as advertised. Arrived falling apart and could not allow a human head to fit through. Shayla was trimmed with two peices of leftover fabric (not long enough for tim) sewn together.
4.) Items looked exactly as pictured on the website: not at all. Zero.
5.) Beautiful, efficient packaging.: if the item didn't smell like mothballs it would have been packaged nicely. Zero.
6.) Fabrics were suitable for climates they were advertized for (GCC): no way. Fabrics were advertised as nida and stretch and were cheapo internet and another faux fabric for the yellow bits. Zero.
7.) The brand offers versatility---they feature a wide product array: yes, they do. If your items arrive as advertised. 1 mark.
8.) Items are well-priced: Not at all. Abayas are marked 3x prices, or more and jalabiyias even more so. Zero.
9.) Designs are original to the brand: no, BAK and NA exclusive are copying designs by Arabesque, DAS, Effa, Lady-in-Black and others, and also using their copyrighted photographs on occasion. Arabesque brand and Effa have objected to this.
10.) The items featured on the website are not 5 years behind trends: 1 mark for this.
BAK got a two out of a possible 10 until----:
I will rate all online websites on the following criteria, on the basis of one mark for each item being fulfilled. I will deduct 2 points for any issues in the website to respond to complaints, and 5 for websites that do not offer returns or replacements for damaged goods. -2 for not responding to the many emails, FB pms, and erasing comments (plus threatening to sue for using their photos, which are copies of other people's design ANYWAYS, and spamming any bad review ect.), and -5 for not offering refund or replacement for fraudulent and crummy designer rip-offs.
Rating for Boutique Al Khaleeji stands thus far at -5/10 for not delivering on orders, being late on orders, not responding to customer issues, lying about the fabrics used in the construction of garments, and being over-priced on the best of examples (sisters who ordered early on in BAK's beginning days and recieved decent stuff) of knock-off designs. I REPEAT RATING IS MINUS FIVE OUT OF TEN---MINUS!!!!


StylishMuslimah said...

This is very interesting indeed. I will certainly not be doing any more reviews for them in the future.
Salam x

Pixie said...

Stylish Muslimah: back when you wrote your review they were mainly selling souq abaya and shaylas and those were decent quality. The problem is with these tailored ones that are designer knock-offs it seems, also, service times.

Anonymous said...

I remember a while ago there was a blog post critizing them for using other designers photos instead of taking their own and they threatened to sue over that blog post, it was so stupid and immature, after I saw that I never considered ordering from them and was glad I never did.
I don't know what happened with them, it seemed like they were pretty good when they first started...

Boxie said...

Man I hope people will not be ripped off. One girl who wrote a complaint lost 800$. To shocking. Inshallah the old owner will not do this to people again.

Anonymous said...

I think what should be noted is that the BAK company is a SCAM. They don't only send out dodgy abayas but the fact that countless ppl have lost all money they paid them and have no product either. This is an important note..jazakallah khair to the ilovehishma sis who is one of the few who is blogging about BAK and the downfalls of ordering form such a scamming company..The old and new owner have "disappeared" and even some close friends and work colleagues are warning others against them..all proof is on their Facebook page.
P.s i am loving these new posts on abaya company reviews mashallah keep up the good work. :)

Anonymous said...

salaamu know what, thats a downside to having a blog devoted to "Hijab fashion" you sometimes get approached to review items. Personally ive never reviewed items frm companies I dont know/trust and sofar so good, btu I have wondered about some of the reviews that Ive read...whether the company didnt send them extra special garments solely for review...this company being one of far too many reviewers will review anything and all they do is take 20bazillion pics with little text to back it up! uff! Glad I never ordered from these people!

Anonymous said...

Melissa: the sister, Dana, who ran BAK when it seeemed they delivered, was the one who threatened to sue starry-eyed and was associated with N&A exclusive as far as I heard. She was in charge when my friends orders and told them their orders would be taken care of before she sold the business. When she had sold it, she said not her fault, write the new owner, and the new owner of cours enever replied ever. Sadly.

-Pixie (too lazy to sign in)

Anonymous said...

Salaamelaikum Pixie thank thank you SO much for this!!!!!! I had a terrible experience also and I lost my money!!!!! I am so angry!!! I will never buy from them again ever!!!!! Thank you for posting about this!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry also to add to my comment plzzz Pixie or ANYONE plzz help me to find good blogs for muslims women plz!!!! And good websites to buy hijab and abayas from!!!! Any recommendations?? Thank you!! I want some blogs that discuss correct hijab because I don't want to wear incorrect hijab anymore and I need help please sisters help me thank you!!! from Saima!!

Anonymous said...

Salam sis hijab blog i love because she only promotes correct hijab is

She is a revert sis and has great posts talking about hijab..through her blog you can see where she recommends places to buy hijab from as well.
Inshallah you find it beneficial.

Anonymous said...

Sister Alia she used to be from chasing jannah!!! she made this post about BAK!!!! rubbish!!!!
never buy from them again!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank U sister i will go to her blog!!! inshallahh!