ONLINE SHOPPING REVIEW: Gulf Princess, rating of 9.6

As ya'll probably know, I moved to the GCC, abaya capital of the world. I rarely, if ever shop online anymore. I don't like to be overcharged for designer knock-offs or chance being ripped on a new site since product reviews from hijabi bloggers are often on items they received without ordering anonymously, thus they have no idea what shipping is like for the average customer, or dealing with complaints ect... and I like to touch the fabrics in hand, and go to my own personal tailor so everything fits just right. But alot of you sisters can't jet to ME to get your hijab-style-fix, so I shall do my reviews through anonymous purchases, or through friends who ordered. The site up for review today is UAE based Gulf Princess. Website: Gulf Princess | Facebook. The items pictured are the items my friends and I ordered, albeit almost one year ago now for one of the items. I like this site because they sell real GCC quality abayas I can wear here in Oman but ship internationally, for prices equivalent to a lot of upper-end boutique abaya shops here in Oman.

1.) The items actually arrived and could be worn on arrival as Islamic wear: totally.
2.) The items arrived in the time stated they would: yes.
3.) Items were sized correctly, and well constructed: perfectly tailored to our measurements.
4.) Items looked exactly as pictured on the website: yes, unless otherwise specified.
5.) Beautiful, efficient packaging: yep.
6.) Fabrics were suitable for climates they were advertised for (GCC): yes.
7.) The brand offers versatility---they feature a wide product array: just abayas really. 0.600
8.) Items are well-priced: for online sites, yes.
9.) Designs are original to the brand: Yep.
10.) The items featured on the website are not 5 years behind trends: yep

 I will rate all online websites on the following criteria, on the basis of one mark for each item being fulfilled. I will deduct 2 points for any issues in the website to respond to complaints, and 5 for websites that do not offer returns or replacements for damaged goods.
Rating for Gulf Princess stands thus far at 9.6/10 because they deal in real Khaleeji fabrics, at decent boutique-brand prices, and are quite on trend every season.


Albie said…
Asalaamu alaykum wa rahmatallahi wa barakato Pixie,

I could literally cry. Thank you so so so much for doing this! I started covering about a year ago, and finding abayas has been so hard. This will help so much. Jazak'Allah kheir sister, you have no idea how thankful I am. <3, Albie.
Pixie said…
Albie: No worries sis, wa alaykom e salaam ramatullahi wa barakto. I remember feeling the same but alhamdulilah there are more options these days:)