Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Baby Girl is Here (with pics) and I am working on the Beautiful Muslimah Blog (I swear)

Alhamdulilah, all praise and glory be to Allah, my baby girl was born just before fajr Eid Al Adha morning, healthy. Her mama survived the ordeal basically mentally stable and in one peice (although having frightened the doctors and nurses by threatening to cut herself open in the hallway if they didn't get the baby out moments before the delivery and talking to people who weren't ever there about tea).

I am all recovered now, just getting used to feedings and all that, and settling in nicely.

Forgive me for my lack of time to post or respond to comments or even to post them. I am barely surviving eating all my meals a day, keeping the house clean and laundry done, and getting my hair and makeup done and wearing clothes that match without baby vomit on them.Thanks to Aalia and S who were there when my water broke (which is totally the grosest thing ever), ready to drive me to the hospital, and my habibi, who apparently I kept calling useless throughout the whole ordeal because he wouldn't get me a knife to cut the baby out with or a doctor who'd do it for me lol.

And I know I said I wouldn't post pics, so ya'll who wanted to see her better say mashaAllah now;). We call her Zz.

She looks alot like her baba, who wanted a girl, alhamdulilah. Brown eyes, curly hair, mashaAllah, just like I guessed, with my round features and nose. When she is bored, or grouchy, she makes expressions just like my little sister Jane.

Not much else to tell. The BM blog is still not finished or open, but I won't close ILH till it is. I am just not posting anything much here for now as I am working on "Beautiful Muslimah", editing old posts, and getting rid of any old garbage or drama. I want it to reflect how I'd want a "beautiful muslimah" to be, so, and it's over 800 posts, so it IS alot of work. Don't worry. Nothing from ILH will be lost. It will be a perfect merge, Allah willing.

In the meanwhile, I'll be a bit busy with editing BM, and my little one (and looking for a new job) so keep us all in your duas.

Love Pixie