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The Definition of the Term Khawarij to the Ibadhis

Who are the Khawarij to the Ibadhis?

To the Ibadhis, to go out out from the religion of Islam has nothing directly to do with political rebellion, be it legal or illegal rebellion. It is based soley upon the rejection of the fixed Shariah laws practiced by the Prophet Mohamed sallalahu alahi wa salaam, or committing acts against the set of prescribed binding laws for religious practice, like the prolonged abandonment of prayer or acts of worship for others than Allah alone. Thus they do no consider their practice of Islam to be out of the confines of Islam. If they had used the definition of rebelling against a right (or even wrong) leader, then they would have been Khawarij and labelled Uthman's killers, Talhah & al-Zubair, and Muawiyah as such.

Logical definition, which gets rid of the necessity of having to define what a "right leader" is in order to understand the term Khawarij, unlike my Sunni sources.

So do the Ibadhi consider anyone to be Khawarij?

Yes, they consider the Azariqah Sect and its supporters to be Khawarij because Nafi Al-Azraq made the mistake of deriving a religious ruling from a single peice of [misunderstood by him when taken out of context] Islamic evidence, rather than the volume of evidence in sunnah of the Prophet Mohamed sallalahu alahi wa salaam's lifetime.

The Ibadhi believe that the Azariqah sect has gone out of the religion because they have rejected the shariah that guards that a Muslim's personage is safe unless they should apostate. [Osama Bin Laden falls into this category for example, as he believes killing innocent civilians and even Muslims to be okay by rationalization of out-of-context Qu'ran quotes not within the example of the Shariah laws set out by Rasoolulah Mohamed].

In such an example of saying that the Azariqah are khawarij, how is that rationalized?

The Azariqah believe that if a Muslim commits a major or minor sin, then it is lawful to shed their blood, capture their pocessions, and enslave their women and children, as it is quoted in the Qu'ran in Surah al-An'am, ayah 121: "And if you obey them you verily are surely polytheists [ie disbelievers, apostates]". Thus the Azariqah believe that Muslim believers [and innocent civilians] became/become apostates/polytheists when they committed/commit sins, even very minor ones.

The Ibadhi (and Sunni me, and all the Shia ladies that I know personally know) do not believe such rationalizing is correct. Firstly, the ayah is in context of telling us to eat halal meat, and that Allah compares those who do not follow His clearly prescribed conditions to the disbelievers. Secondly, and most importantly, there were Muslims alive during the Prophet Mohamed's [sallalalhu alahi wa salaam] time who used to commit sins, even major ones, but they were not subject to the laws for militant disbelievers who attacked the Muslims, or of Muslim apostates. Thus such a ruling is cleaaaaaaaaaarly imcompatible with the Shariah itself, and is a rejection of the foundations of the Shariah.

If one is to follow the Azariqah school of thought, all manner of horrors and attrocities can be committed upon the Ummah [Muslim nation and others friendly to us]. Jealous of your neighbor and want his lands? Find a small fault in him and then murder him, it's okay. That woman from your village who won't marry you? Fine. Point out that headscarf doesn't go quite enough over her breasts, and take her as your slave. She's not a Muslim afterall then is she? Or we could go with Osama. Any Muslim whose not fighting America deserves to die because they are personally responsible for their government's killing of Palestinians. Scary, the result of such a rejection of the sunnah, and shariah, isn't it?

To the Ibadhi the Azariqah are not Khawarij because they seceded from Ali R.A after the arbitration, or because they rebelled against the Umayyads. They are Khawarij because they misinterpreted verses from the Qu'ran, which in turn led them to commit acts of wickedness, and to invalidate laws. To the Ibadhi, rebellion against a Caliph or an Imam does not result in the renuncification of Islam, even if those who do so are deemed disobedient, sinful, or aggressors from within the contexts of Shariah law.


To the Ibadhi Sect's school of thought, Muslims only become Khawarij through their deeds [acts of apostasy as defined by Allah's & His Messenger] and doctrines [that reject the Shariah and thus the Messenger and the Quran], but not rebellion in itself, or sins that did not lead to apostasy.

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Come follow the Bride Wears Hijab blog if...

Please come follow if you are looking for fashion sets and shopping links for abayas ect, as I haven't had much time to make these of ILH recently;)

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I am expecting... a girl! :D

I finally found out the sex of the baby... it's a girl!!!!!!!!!!! Alhamdulilah. InshaAllah she is born healthy and a good Muslimah, ameen.

So now I am thinking of names. These are what we have so far. Feel free to leave your suggestions. But remember, it has to be sensible in Arabic, and can't sound dirty or stupid in English either. Which alas, alot of Arabic girls names do.


Amatullah- female servant of Allah [I like]

Fatimah, Fatoum - accustom, Prophet Mohamed's daughter [I like]

Izdihar, Izdihaar - Flourishing, blossoming [I like]

Nashwa - Fragrance, perfume, that which intoxicates

Nuwayrah - Small fire

Sabriyah - Patient

Tamadur - Brilliant [I like]


Afsahneh- A fairy tale [I like]

Roxanna- the dawn, Persian Princess married to Alexander the Great

And I guess I should add the names: Mariam, Khadijah, Asiya, Ruqayah, Zaenab, Narjis, Saffiyah, Sumaiya, Sara, Salma, Asma, Aisha, (most famous of the names) are already out, due to too many people I know having them. I am looking for less common and more beautiful sounding names, but I take into account meaning as well.

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The Bride Wears Hijab is finally re-opened

Due to so many requests for me to open or invite people to the "Bride Wears Hijab" blog and "Beautiful Muslimah" I have been working on updating and fixing both blogs up. I have finally finished the bride blog;) so here is the link in case any of you forgot [Alas, any old comments could NOT be erased due to a weird blog error so if they don't make sense, that makes sense since the posts got bounced into a different order]. As for BM, I actually never planned to re-open it but to put all the posts into ILH. So I will get on that. Eventually. ;) So see what I've managed so far on the bride blog and bear with me on getting the BM stuff in here. Eventually. InshaAllah.

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Real Life Wedding#17: Blogger StyleCovered's Walimah

All photos taken from . Love the blue colour on this particular sister mashaAllah.

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Real Life Weddings #16: White Wedding Dress & Hijab

MashaAllah I like almost everything about this wedding. Especially how she has pinned the back of her hijab and the smiling couple, mashaAllah:)

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Real Life Wedding #15: white wedding dress & simple hijab

I am sorry I don't know the name of the sister, but mashaAllah at the boy leading the procession by reciting Qu'ran is very sweet.

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Real Life Wedding #14: Red & Green

If you would like to help other sisters wear hijab for and plan their wedding/walimah/nikah please send your photos to

Real Life Weddings #13: Hijab with Asian Bridal Wear for Nikah and Walimah

One sister's pink, white and silver nikah outfit.

Red and green for her walimah.

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Real Life Weddings #12: Princess Shahirah Aishah of Malaysia's Nikah

Getting ready.The bride & her father.At the nikah ceremony in the Masjid.She looks excited and very happy.Princess Shahirah of Malaysia's nikah ceremony.

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Real Life Wedding #11: Sabrina from Slice of Lemon

One of our all-time favourite Asian-Hijab wedding posts of all time, Sabrina's ceremony, mashaAllah. Jazzakallahkheir Sabrina for showing girls they don't have to take off their hijabs to wed in the style of their culture;). To see more of the pics visit her wordpress site

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Real Life Wedding#10: G's Nikah

I lost the other pics from this nikah somewhere in my computer's many photo files. When I stumble upon the rest I promise to upload them because I adored this simple Islamic ceremony. One of my all-time faves because of the good hijab of the bride, and just the elegance and simplicty.

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Real Wedding #9: Zuhra and Ahmed's Afghan Nikah in Glendale, California

MashaAllah beautiful photography. I love the Emerald green of Zuhra's dress.

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Real Life Wedding #8: Turkish Bridal in Ontario, Canada

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