Thursday, November 19, 2009


I am back in Canada for the tim being all. I have no computer or intrnet so I am sorry for the lack of posts!!!!!! Keep me in yor duas sisters!

Friday, October 23, 2009


a poem about a short experience in UAE


Skin so pale
Why the veil?
A choice that I make
Not to break
Ties with my ancestors
Forebears of these shores.
Go back to your country!
What kind of effrontery
Is this attack on ethnicity
What kind of duplicity
A mere headscarf?
Worn around the neck
Like Alek Wek
On a catwalk?
So different from my walk?

So I make hirjah
No more ninja "hi ya!"
"Is it halloween yet?"
Or "nigger", I'll never forget
But what for?
To stand on foreign shore
Men, hunting, predator---
The jahililiya before---
Almost more pure.
I watch you drink in Shaytaan
On your desert lawn
As if your demons were sweeter than melon.
And Virtue is a disrespectful felon.
I recklessly laugh: Go learn Islam?!
Hypocrite, am I dressed for ayaat or pslam?

Where is Shariah?
My people taunt, make "Hirjah"
But they are more my people
Minuret or steeple
For at least there Muslim men are men
Mohammed, Chad and Ben.
They don't hide behind their flags
From the Will of God. Who nags
Come to prayer
You "Muslim" "player"
While you bother young girls.
Mustang twirls.
Music bleats vainly.
Thobe and ghutra I have witnessed plainly.
Here is a Muslim land, they play the adhan.

But when is the echo answered?
I have made my hirjah.
Toured your Masjids and your malls.

I have yet to see a Muslim man.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We've Arrived Safely in Oman, Alhamdulilah

He he he. We've arrived in Oman safe and sound alhamdulilah. After the trip being delayed to the fact that our driver was held at the border for a lack of the right paperwork for over 24 hours (poor guy, LOL he promised to take us through the Wahiba sands to make up for it), me almost being arrested in Emirates for not puting up with stalkers anymore (that's another story, one for the desert diary), and forgetting to have our exit visas stamped leaving UAE (the driver we had is an old friend and Omani and they said we didn't need to pay but Boxie and I thought, hey, yes we do), we had to drive back, and I ended up praying fajr at the border making wudu out of a water cooler LOL. My Mum and our American friend (we'll call her Gamly) were probably worried sick about us at this point since we were supposed to arrive in Muscat at 10:15 pm originally, LOL, and didn't end up there until 2:30 pm the next day. The drive was still fun and besides the fact that the driver and me consisted on highly caffinated energy drinks and chocolate for 24hrs, I love Oman so it didn't matter, and we were all in rather good humour, laughing about the fate of the original driver and apologising and thanking profusely both Omanis efforts and their ammazing hospitality. We WERE supposed to pay for the gas, their time, our visas, and food and meals, but the only thing we were allowed to pay for was one measly case of Red Bull, and our visas.

I also met a sweet and kind Omani family for the quick change our driver had to do before his real job started. They gave me Vimto to drink lol, and we watched cartoons. Said driver had come straight from his real job to driving all the way to the UAE to get us, then did this crazy adventure of a drive, and then, had to go straight to work again, 48hrs sleepless and his only payment a case of red bull (since he insisted on FEEDING US whenever possible), may Allah reward him for saving our stranded butts. He also showed us the coolest random masjid where we all stopped to pray. Mmmmm. I love the scent of frankincesnse.....


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

For Now....

Back at "said" skeezy internet cafe (not the skeeziest to be had apparently). Due to some drama in a week and a day or so I will be in Oman (inshaAllah). Make dua for me. It'll be interesting. Plus, from there we will finally start taking orders for abayaat. That we will ship to ya'll the best way possible. So... until I get set up in my home, we will wait and see....

Love Pixie

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Designer Half-Niqabs from the Gulf

InshaAllah, I do intend to be wearing my niqab full-time when I return to Canada. I'll try. I believe it is mustahaab (recommended) so I'll do my best. But of course, I've wondered on what I'll do to wear mine differently. Colours of course. Pins of course. Neats ways of styling the shayla as khimar + the niqab. Decorated niqabs----???? Such as the like that are sold at this website perhaps... but only for super special occasions (like my non-muslim family weddings or galas).These are certainly unqiue but... they all come in sheer. Which is not niqab to me. So I'd have to wear a half-niqab underneath of them for them to be niqab at all. Which might be a tad uncomfortable.
What do you think?
Do you like the idea (if not the exectution of it) of individual style on the niqab, or do you think this might be a bit too exotic/overdone or tacky?
This simple ribbon one is pretty though to me.
Russian Empress anyone?

Sakeenah's TAG: THIS IS ME

[I like to take my father's old beat up work belts and wear them as MY belts over skirts and dresses, and I love wild print maxis and African accessories like wooden and beaded bangles]. I also like to dye my hair alot. Keep an eye out for my natural roots:p
I hate jeans. I never buy them, unless they are vintage and already hemmed to my height and no more than $20.00. But I like coloured ones, pink, yellow, baby blue, seafoam... so I tend to pic these up from used stores. I only own one piece of denim.
I love the Americana-Parisian look designer Erin Fetherstin does, and that has sort of been my signature take on casual dressing. Lots of ruffly airy cocktail dresses worn in day with lady like coats and ovesize bags, or tights and oversize lady-like sweaters (before this was "IN" I'd buy plus-size for the length and use brooches and pins to get it all to fit my petit frame). For some reason I love puffy feather mini skirts, and ostrich feather vests. No idea why either.
I like to dress up, and always look for vintage Valentino and Dior pieces, and anything Oscar de la Renta (even his lower end labels found at Winners) because the pieces and look just suit my body very well. I found a Dior suit at this store called "The Patch" in my city for $10.00 CAD. I also mix these peices with trendier cheapo bits from Le Chateau, Jacobs (Jacobs isn't that cheap so this is actually my most expensive splurge and is usually a gift from my habibi), Sirens, Suzy Shier, and Urban Planet. Like t-shirts, tourist shorts, tights, the occasion vest or blazer, or structured button-up. I like the sale dress at Club Monaco and Jacobs since my size (0) is always left on the rack and I can get a good deal. I am cheap btw, he he he. My husband always asks me wear are you going in that, and I am like, um, to watch TV, or to clean my room.
I love headbands (since I hate styling my hair), and oversize chandelier earrings. They look dressed even if all I've got is a pony-tail or crummy looking bun.
And lipstick (pink, brown, red, coral, you name it, I wear it).
Coloured tights... Right now I really like the colour navy. But jewel-toned purple is "IN". But I like lilac.
For special occasions with my family I like to wear party jalabiyias with my hair down and earrings. But I'm afraid of ruining these so they are only a "party" thing.The rest of the time I am lounging in Egyptian-cotton jalabiyias. Which I wear as pajamas. I don't buy fancy lingerie or slips or anything, but I have vintage Victorian dressing gowns which kinda go with my four-poster bed he he he. And all my underwear is those cotton panties from the kids section at Wal Mart. Cuz they're comfy. But you didn't need to know that did ya??? Ahhh, too much information. Moving on.

I love khaki and olive pants. Cargo, linen trouser. With black sweater or grey tee, that is a casual me doing work around the house or my father's property (were we have a wood fireplace that involves me chopping and hauling wood). Pair with heels and someting chic and black, and sunglasses and diamond studs (fake--- NONE of my jewelry is real---I don't wear real), and my husband thinks I look great he he he. if only he knew.... Bwaaaah ha ha ha. I'm spending too much time with Aalia as she is the only one who laughs like that. [end post]

GUIDE: How to Wear Mona/Kuwaiti Hijabs

For those who want a quick and easy style (a tiny bit sporty, a tiny bit girly), I prefer Mona Hijabs (sometimes called Kuwaiti hijabs) to Al Amiras (which suit some faces amazingly but not my own alas). They are very easy for travelling, ect. They basically ARE Al-Amiria (slip on) hijabs but with a short peice of decorative fabric attached that you can pin with a pretty hijab pin (I prefer to use a brooch for these instead of a stick pin so that it doesn't come loose for sports and I don't have to fuss). Pluys you can get more chest coverage out of one. They can be bought online and try and find a hijab store that sells the brooch too so that you don't have to pay extra shipping form two different online stores! For DIY stylists (and very curvy sisters), any old Al-Amira CAN be made into a Kuwaiti hijab. Just sew a hijab you like onto an-almira hijab in the desired length (to get the coverage you crave but that manufacturers don't cater to) and be reassured you are then wearing khimar (not just a headscarf).

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Awesome French Hijab Website

I just discovered this very chic French website catering to European hijabis: . Luvin' it.
Very Cote de Azure don'tch'ya think?

Featured Comment on Al Ahzar Niqab ban

I just read this comment by NoortheNinjabi on Sarah's post on the Al Ahzar niqab ban and agreed with her comment soooo much so that I had to post it as a blog post. SO here is a post authored by NoortheNinjabi (the writings are not mine but the veiws expressed ARE entirely those of ILOVEHISHMA's author aka Moi). The only thing authored by me in the following is the title:

Al Ahzar sells out to corrupt Dictator

by NoortheNijabi

[Egyption President] Mubarak is paranoid that the Muslim Brotherhood is gonna get him [assassinate him]. Literally.

28 (?) years of illegal power due to emergency law and HM [his majesty, a term used sarcasticly as Egypt is not SUPPOSED to be a monarchy] is freaked because he knows the natives are very restless and sick of his dictatorial regime. Not that there's any reason though...Mass corruption and governmental greed doesn't ruffle anyone's feathers... *eyeroll*

Anyways, the Muslim Brotherhood promotes the niqaab, among other things. Given that the hijab spread like wildfire like 30 years ago, the government is paranoid that the niqaab is a sign that the Muslim Brotherhood is taking over and therefore treats niqaabis like crap. Hubby says there's been roundups of niqaabis and thobe-and-kufi'd men in the past. Then last year, they said nurses couldn't wear them in hospitals. Ugh.

So Mubarak put Tantawi into his position quite a while back and Tantawi has been a good little soldier, putting out edicts that are downright unislamic in exchange for...well, whatever it is that HM is bribing him with. Like the time he said that certain types of fixed riba were permissible...Epic fail.

And now Tantawi goofed and the whole world knows not to listen to Al-Azhar.

Proposed Niqab Ban IN CANADA by "Muslim" Canadian Congress [MCC]

So hopefully all the Muslimahs out there have woken up and in horror are protesting the proposed ban by Islamic University Al Ahazar to ban the niqab click here to read. and Click on this link to read. And did the same with the proposed niqab ban in France, as they did for the hijab bans in France, Turkey, and Tunisia. Because when one nation succeeds another will try, and slowly our freedoms will be taken all away. One minute it is niqab, the next jilbab, then hijab, then the ability to pray in public or have jobs at all. Because now my nation, Canada, is. Thank you very much Sarkozy, and others (including Al Ahzar).

Muslim organization urges Ottawa to ban burkas, niqabs in public
Fred Ernst-The Associated Press
TORONTO - Middle Eastern garments designed to cover a woman's face are "medieval" and "misogynist" symbols of extremism with no basis in Islam, a Canadian Muslim lobby group [remember the Qu'ran warned about the hypocrites that would try and destroy us form within by joining our ranks? This is them] said Wednesday as it urged Ottawa to ban the burka and the niqab. The Muslim Canadian Congress called on the federal government to prohibit the two garments in order to prevent women from covering their faces in public - a practice the group said has no place in a society that supports gender equality."To cover your face is to conceal your identity," [not necessarily---somtimes it is a statement of the belief that you belong to yourself and to your belief in God alone----or it reveals some sort of stage in your life ie like a wedding veil] Farzana Hassan said in a telephone interview, describing the issue as a matter of public safety [no niqabi women rob banks----pedophiles and rapist use windowless vans to commit their crimes in, do we ban those too?], since concealing one's identity is a common practice for criminals.
The tradition of Muslim women covering their faces in public is a tradition rooted more in Middle Eastern culture than in the Islamic faith, Hassan added [claimed without evidence].There is nothing in any of the primary Islamic religious texts, including the Qur'an [that is an error], that requires women to cover their faces, she said - not even in the controversial, ultra-conservative tenets of Sharia law [actually, in one way it could interpreted as fard but the majority say recommended which means an encouraged choice of personal freedom recommended by God Himself in the Qu'ran]. Considering the fact that women are in fact forbidden from wearing burkas in the grand mosque in Mecca, Islam's holiest site [only during Hajj and they are still allowed to cover their faces jsut not to wear a veil for the purpose of doing so], it hardly makes sense that the practice should be permitted in Canada, she said."If a government claims to uphold equality between men and women, there is no reason for them to support a practice that marginalizes women." [I wear niqab and my husband doesn't and I don't feel marginalized you betrayer of my rights, Farhana Hassan].
The proposed ban would include the burka, an iconic head-to-toe gown with a mesh-like panel over the face that allows the wearer to see and to breathe, as well as the niqab - a veil that leaves only the eyes exposed.Hassan said the ban would not extend to the hijab, a traditional headscarf that does not cover the face.The proposed ban comes on the heels of reports that Sheikh Mohamed Tantawi, dean of Egypt's al-Azhar university and the country's highest Muslim authority, is poised to issue a fatwa, or religious edict, against the garments.Media reports Monday said Tantawi described the face coverings as "a custom that has nothing to do with the Islamic faith."Mohamed Elmasry, former president of the Canadian Islamic Congress, said he agrees the tradition has its roots in cultural customs rather than religious teachings, but that the issue is irrelevant in Canada where the practice is not widespread. Elmasry disputed suggestions that the garments pose a security threat, saying only a minority of Muslim women living in Canada feel the need to conceal their features in public. He said he believes those women should have the freedom to decide whether they wish to cover their faces, and that a ban would limit freedom of expression."People feel it's part of their identity, people feel it's part of their culture," Elmasry said. "It's not for you and me to decide."

As I said before, niqab is for SURE part of Islam as the Qu'ran commands the Prophet's wives to always observe covering their faces, even WHILE ON HAJJ (just that they were not to do so with an affixed veil but could so with whatever was available of the pilgrimage clothing).

'Aisha (RAA) said: "Pilgrims were passing by us while we were with the Prophet of Allah (saaws). When they came close to us we would draw our garments from the head to cover the face." [Abu Dawud and Ibn Majah. Ad-Daraqutni reports a similar Hadeeth on the authority of Umm Salamah (RAA). Thus, we see that covering the face was a priority of the Sahabiyat and it is certainly a characteristic of the women who opt to follow their righteous path. So at the VERY least this is the Sunnah of the prophet's wives, something approved of by the Prophet Mohammed sallalahu alahi wa salaam.

Whether it is fard (required at all times out of the home) for ALL women depends on your methodology for interpreting the evidences about jilbab [the Qu'ran commands women to wear a garment called jilbab when they leave their home]. There is some evidences to show that jilbab for many women of the Sahaba (early Muslims) did indeed cover the face. But this may have been because of this ayah (chapter) from the Holy Qu'ran: ...And when you ask [the Prophet Mohammed's wives] for something, ask them from behind a partition. That is purer for your hearts and their hearts. And it is not [conceivable or lawful] for you to harm the Messenger of Allāh or to marry his wives after him, ever. Indeed, that would be in the sight of Allāh an enormity.(Al-Ahzāb 33:53)

Now I know this ayat is specific to the Prophet's wives, may Allah subhanhu wa ta'ala be pleased with them. Their sins were to be twice as heavy as our own, and they were forbidden to marry after their husband's death while we ordinary women are encouraged to if we wish to or are able to. But when the Prophet sallalahu allahi wa salaam came upon a woman who was not his wife (to propose marriage) there was ALREADY A COVER/PARTITION between them. Yes, this sahabiyat became his wife, but at the time she was not, and yet this was already in practice between at least this man, and this woman. The following hadith narrated by Umm Salamah:“When my ‘Iddah (This type of ‘iddah refers to the 4 months and 10 days of mourning that Allah has legislated for a woman after her husband passes away) ended from [the death of] Abi Salamah, Rasūlullah (Sallalllahu ‘Alayhi wa Sallam) came and spoke to me and between him and I was a Hijāb, and so he proposed to me…” Note, she said: "there WAS a hijab, not, "I was WEARING a hijab". What we often refer to now as hijab (the headscarf) is known in the Qu'ran specifically as a khimar. "Hijab" is an Islamic term that means "cover" such as a screen, partition, or a veil. THE WHOLE OF A MUSLIM WOMAN's MODESTY (her voice in public, her Islamic clothing, what she says, what she does) is her hijab, her portable covering. If this type of "hijab" were what the hadith were referring to, Umm Salamah would have said: "between us was Hijab", not "a hijab" which in the Arabic, grammatically refers to a specific kind of cover, [a veil, or a partition, or a screen] and not the kind that Um Salamah was wearing. You simply can not get that out of the grammer. Anyways, so maybe the Prophet sallalahu alahi wa salaam simply thought to speak to Umm Salamah (may Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala be pleased with her) from another room for propriety's sake, but stealing a comment from Revert Muslimah's post "another way to look at this concept would be that if in a woman's home [place of our refuge and saftety says Allah] they have [should have] a barrier or veil between her and a man why would she abandon that form of modesty when she left the home?"That is why I have always believed the niqab is mustahaab (beneficial/you get reward for wearing it) since Allah subhanhu wa ta'ala Himself has informed us in Al-Ahzāb 33:53: "That is purer for your hearts and their hearts" . If the Prophet's wives (may Allah subhanhu wa ta'ala be pleased with them) and the Sahabiyiat had less fitnah in their hearts then I do and the people who surround me, then why shouldn't I wish for an oppurtunity to have my heart be purer? Which is WHY the MAJORITY of Islamic methodology (called fiqh) says that niqab is highly recommended (a choice that God himself recommends) but that it is not obligatory---only better.

Which means the CHOICE to wear niqab IS part of our religion, and is a recommended choice from Allah subhanhu wa ta'ala. So Farhana Hassan and Tariq Fatah of the MCC (Muslim Canadian Congress) make this application to ban my rights on false grounds. Please protest. If you are a Canadian Muslims provide evidence and send it to the newpapers and your local government as well as Federal. If we have people like Farhana and Tariq standing up for our rights instead of ourselves, pretty soon we won't have any. Even if you are living abroad please write your embassy.

And yes, MCC, niqab IS a custom that predates the Qu'ran, because didn't Allah send prophets before Mohammed sallalalhu alahi wa salaam to mankind to invoke piety and righteousness and tauhid on mankind? It would have ben known to other righteous nations.

other articles I have written with evidences pertaining to niqab being a part of Islam and of strategies to defend the right to wear niqab:

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pure Pixie: here and in Canada +niqab of course!

Everything in this collage I really own except for the patent heels---those are flats in my day to day as I walk a few kilometers every night and every morning. The abaya with ruched satin sleeves is from for $49.99 USD and it is soooooo easy to wear. I like to wear maxi dresses or coloured jeans (grey, pink, purple, green and yellow). I have a crummy scratched up pink motorolla cellohone and white rimmed sunglasses, and always keep my earrings on the big and dangling side under my hijab. I just bought this Betsey Johnson purse today (for about a quarter of its current retail value) and a matching pink keffiyah ($10.00 bucks that CAD). My beauty regime: I like mousse concealer in ivory, chocolate scented shampoo, pink eye shadow, sometimes an eyebrow pencil and that is it for day. Not the most awesome outfit, but something I like and am comfy in.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Was it for Lust- an answer about the wives of the Prophet Mohammed S.A.W

Any of those who attack our precious deen of Islam must first attack the reputation of our beloved Prophet Mohammed (salla Allah alaihi wa sallam), as indeed has been done by the enemies of Islam since the day Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala) first guided His Messenger to testify to the Oneness of God. To do so in this day and age, they often bring up the issue of multiple wives, to scare us away from seeking out more knowledge of who this man actually was who Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala) chose to reveal the Qu'ran to and have him worthy enough to guide mankind in its matters.It has always been easy for an educated historian to reply to that: Christianity and Judaism also allowed for multiple wives as King Soloman had 700 wives and over 300 slaves in the Torah and the Bible. Islam is the only religion to have put a cap on how many wives a man could have [four] and remains the only religion to say it is better to marry only one. Critics of Islam will then ask, why did the Prophet Mohammed (salla Allah alaihi wa sallam) marry more than one then?

Now, you enemies of Islam, be patient in your address, and let truth itself defend our beloved Messenger (salla Allah alaihi wa sallam). The first wife (and first Muslim) of the Prophet Mohammed (salla Allah alaihi wa sallam), was a 40 year old twice widowed woman of great wealth and beauty belonging to the clan of Banu Hashim named Khaidijah bint Khuwaylid (may Allah be pleased with her) who was also the mother of three sons. Khadijah bint Khuwaylid was much sought after as a wife by many for both her beauty, and her wealth. By 585 CE, Khadijah was left a widow and the mother of three sons. Despite having married twice, and twice losing her husbands to the ravaging wars to which Arabia was subjected, she showed no inclination to marry a third time, even though she was sought for marriage by many honorable and highly respected men of the Arabian peninsula, throughout which she was quite famous, due to her business dealings.

The Prophet Mohammed (salla Allah alaihi wa sallam) who was 15 years younger than Khadijah, was also of a noble family, but he was an orphan and was not a man of many means. He had made a meager living tending sheep in the hills surrounding the city. Yet, at 25 years old, he had an impeccable moral character, and he was widely known as one of the most honest men around, and his reputation for honesty helped his uncle Abu Talib to convice Khaidjah to hire him on with one of her caravans. She sent him one of her servants, Maysarah, who was young, brilliant, and talented, to assist him and be Mohammed's bookkeeper. She also trusted Maysarah's account regarding her new employee's conduct, an account that was most striking, indeed one that encouraged her to abandon her decision never to marry again. For instance, he treated this servant like a person, with kindness, and compassion, as person but equal for good deeds and intentions. After he came back from his first business trip, she asked her servant, whom she sent with him, about him and his conduct. The servant amazed her by his report: this young man was the kindest, gentlest man he had ever met. Never did he treat the servant harshly, as many others do. Yet, there was more: as they traveled in the heat of the desert, the servant noticed that a cloud had followed them the entire time, shading them from the blazing sun.

With the passage of time, Khadijah's admiration for Muhammad (salla Allah alaihi wa sallam), developed into a deeper affection. Khadijah was by then convinced that she had finally found a man who was worthy of her, so much so that she initiated the marriage proposal herself, sending her sister to speak with him about marriage. She asked him, "Why are you not married, yet?" "For lack of means," he answered. "What if I could offer you a wife of nobility, beauty, and wealth? Would you be interested?" she told him. He replied in the affirmative, but when she mentioned her sister, the young employee chuckled in amazement. "How could I marry her?! She has turned down the most noble men in the city, much wealthier and prominent than me, a poor shepherd," he said. "Don't you worry," the sister replied, "I'll take care of it."

The Prophet Mohammed (salla Allah alaihi wa sallam), at twenty-five years of age married forty year old widowed beauty Khadijah bint Kuwaylid, and they remained married for 25 years. In a time when marriage to a woman meant taking over ownership of all her property and taking multiple wives, the Prophet (salla Allah alaihi wa sallam) never took a dinar of Khadijah's money that she did not give in a gift to him and to the cause of Islam, and he never thought of divorcing her and making off with her money to marry a younger prettier entourage (as he was legally entitled to do so in the land but NOT within the laws of Islam [so the argument that he just married her and had to be faithful to her for her money is NULL]). It wasn't until after his death that he began to consider marriage again, and when he finally agreed, it was, he said, it was because he so missed the companionship of Khadijah.

The Prophet Muhammad (salla Allah alaihi wa sallam) mourned her deeply, and even after her death, the Prophet would send food and support to Khadijah's friends and relatives, out of love for his first wife. Once, years after Khadijah died, he came across a necklace that she once wore. When he saw it, he remembered her and began to cry. His love for her never died, so much so, that his later wife, A'isha became jealous of her memory. Once she asked the Prophet if Khadijah had been the only woman worthy of his love. The Prophet replied: "She believed in me when no one else did; she accepted Islam when people rejected me; and she helped and comforted me when there was no one else to lend me a helping hand."

Much has been made and said about Prophet Muhammad's (salla Allah alaihi wa sallam), multiple marriages. There are many who smear the Prophet (salla Allah alaihi wa sallam), as a womanizing philanderer, citing his multiple marriages. This is absolute propaganda. As a response to those who malign the Prophet, as if the Prophet were anything of the sort, he would have taken advantage of his youth to do such a thing. But he did not! At a time when it was a common custom to have multiple wives, the Prophet (salla Allah alaihi wa sallam), did not marry anyone else while he was with Khadijah.

It was only two years after Khadijah died, may God be pleased with her, that he married other women. He was then 52 years old. Let us examine his other marriages. First off, all of them excepting Aisha (R.A) were widows, many with children that he had to struggle to support. For instance, Sawda (R.A), was EIGHTY YEARS OLD and a widow. One woman, Safiyah (R.A) converted to Islam and divorced her husband and no one else offered to care for her. One woman was from the Christians, and one from the Jews.

As for Aisha (R.A) the Prophet salla Allah alaihi wa sallam asked for her hand from Abu Bakr when she was 6 years old and in the presence of the girl's mother who agreed, and they were married when she was 9. Aisha (R.A) had her period by then (I had mine at eight years of age so I understand---if you grow up in a hot climate you tend to get your period ealier than a cold one) and back then it was completely common for a woman who could not support herself to get married at a young age. One of my grandmothers got married at fifteen in 1913, and the other at sixteen in 1930. I got married at twenty-one but I could have been mentally stable enough to be married at eleven with a mature enough man who was patient and good [no good Muslim men in the hick town I grew up in---no Muslims either LOL]. Aisha (R.A) loved her husband very much, and she is historically documented to have expressed how much in various recorded hadith narrated BY HERSELF. People like to call him, astaghfurallah, a child molester, would have to accuse their own ancestors of the same thing, because if you go back a few hundred years, let alone the same century as the Prophet Mohammed's lifetime, your own ancestor's will be marrying very young. Marie Antionette of Austria/France, for example, was married at fourteen years old (as soon as she had her menstration).
C'mon people that-- astighfurallah--- accuse the Prophet salla Allah alaihi wa sallam of being a pervert: most of these wives were widows, whom the Prophet salla Allah alaihi wa sallam married to care after them, or they were the daughters of prominent Arab chieftains, so that the Prophet could form a cohesive Muslim society out of a fiercely tribalistic (and barbaric) Arab culture. While doing so, the Prophet Mohammed salla Allah alaihi wa sallam was very much in his old age and was being persecuted and forced out his land for nine years, tying rocks to his abdomen because of hunger from lack of food, sleeping on straw mats... Sure, he definately needed another mouth to feed. I'm sure, at fifty+ years and nigh starving to death all he could think about was sex. I don't know if you've ever been hungry, like I mean, you haven't eaten for weeks, well, your sex drive is one of the first things to go... C'MON!!!!!!! The smears against the Prophet salla Allah alaihi wa sallam fall flat on their faces once the light of truth shines brightly upon them.

I suggest everyone read more about the wives of the Prophet Mohammed salla Allah alaihi wa sallam and his treatment of them. His advice to men concerning women: "The best of you are the best to your spouses.

" A good english nashid with no stringed instruments (I am of the opinion that drums and singing are halal if the content is as well) about Khadijah

SIDENOTE: For those like Oum Amir that constantly try to discredit Islam, I am of the opinion that ANY woman who is mature enough to understand an emotional relationship and is physically sexually aroused is ready for marriage. This differs on culture, climate, and social surroundings (and yes, eight years old is an exception in the West and alot of other places but as it happened to me I know it is MORE common then people think), but for Aisha R.A 's time period she was consider mature enough. She was teaching and leading a nation at the age you SAY she was simply old enough to start considering marriage. Also, with Islamic marriages, the parents can arrange the marriage (ie when she was six) but it isn't official until she was old enough to agree to it, and even after that, it was later that it was consummated. "Oum Amir" go take your anti-Islam stuff elsewhere. Your own ancestors probably have six year old brides. My ancestors have alot of eight and ten year old brides back three hundred years. You cannot compare certain things. I fly a plane now to travel, Aisha R.A had a camel. Some things have changed but what remains is the need for marriage when a child becomes a woman and is sexually and emotionally mature (and this can happen waaaaaaaaay earlier for some girls like it did for myself). You can't tell me my breasts came in at eight and my mind didn't until I was 15. From personal experience, I KNOW you are wrong to generalize. And your intentions are actually evil.

What is the difference between jalabiyia and abaya?

I don't know about you, but I love jalabiyias. Mainly because they are often modest enough to wear for salat and safe to wear in the house if a non-maharam MIGHT pop into the room before I can move out (happens sometimes in family houses in the Gulf with brother-in-laws).But Jalabiyias are not abayaat/jilbab as some bloggers mislabel them. Why, even if they are cut the same one might wonder as I once did? Cuz my husband won't let me go out in my fancy Saudi and Omani visiting jalabiyias or my party Morrocan caftans even the ones that are not see-through) but he IS okay with me wearing simply cotton embroidered jalabiyias from KSA and Egypt and Morrocan dishdashes of a modest deign and fabric. Why??? I used to wonder.Well, Jalabiyias are made to be beautiful with rich designs (a simply cotton jalabiyia I'd still wear out of the house if as an overgarment) (and I know some abayaat are too) but Islamically we are not to wear anything publically (this means with the exception of in front of family and close friends who we know their regard to us already and we hope to be safe from their envy) that others might not easily be able to afford so that we are not marking our social status out in regards to wealth. Alot of jalabiyia are pricey (some range from $100-$10, ooo) so in my humble opinion, I never wear a jalabiyia out of the home that cost more that $100 because anything else is unreasonable to assume that everyone in my city can afford the same. Sure, we can wear whatever we want if we still pay zakat, but we are NOT to make ourselves look like we are divided into different ranks financially. This is makruh in Islam.
The only exception to this I can see is an occasion wear EVERYONE is going to be dressed to the same level of expense, which is usually weddings or galas (where non-muslim co-workers might be in ballgowns). Still have to be sensible in regards to zeenah if non-maharam men are present of course.
But I still love them in regards to being with my Muslim family members and my sisters in Islam who I know well enough to know that they only wish me well for whatever I can afford (and what I can give them after I've worn it a few times lol---if only there were more sisters my size so i could trade more easily---Sarah is the only one!!!!! now that Megan is hopefully settled somewhere nice and warm!!!). I love the one below for wearing with my girls, the middle ones for special occasions, the top one for a wedding, and the second one from the top I might wear out.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Sunday, October 4, 2009

More Random Cell Phone Pics of Jalabiyias

These are jalabiyias from a French label store in Al Marina mall.
Sorry about the glare!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Shehna Hussain abayas

Just thought I would showcase some very beautiful abayaat that I personally CANNOT afford LOL. They are all by the Shehna Hussain (SH) label. Boxie is going to make herself an abaya like this red one with the crochet.
This particular abaya is a wedding one (don't wear it at the malls girls!!!!) and costs a small fortune. But I love how it drapes almost like a sari when one sits.
I just love the abayaat with sheer panels and red fabric underneath and anything with red roses.The use of the fabric and the cut one this particular desgn is very unique. It reminds me of a 1920 Poiret evening coat.

Ooh la la. i love the long circles and this is probably my favourite cut of abaya.I like the pretty sleeves and the design but here in the Gulf, I've come to hate the front open style because very few girls are wearing them halal. They keep wearing jeans and tights and mini skirts with them instead of long skirts of jalabiyias and maxis. Ahhhhh, the horror, the horror!!!!!This is my absolute favourite abaya from the collections, because of the lace sleeves and the colours of the threads in the design.