Friday, November 19, 2010

Asalaam alaykom all:

I know, I know, I am the world's worst blogger in the history of hijab bloggers.

But I have been busy and I have recently met with quite a few heads of Islamic education and this has always been a dream child of mine but...

What do you think of an Islamic University that can be taught jointly in English AND in Arabic, so that studies can be pursued in both lanuages at the same time?

I know I wanted that when I was a new convert.

Now this doesn't exist anywhere yet, but what about an Islamic University that teaches Islamic history and jurisprudence from every side? I mean, Sunni, Shia, Ibadhi, Sufi, what have you, and teachers the head of their feilds from all over the world leading classes through video so that you get the best from Madinah, Al Ahzar, Iran, and the West? As ya'll know, I need to buff up on my Jaffari shariah (since I am not Shia who am I to tell you what all shia believe right?). A university where true dialogue takes place, and no one school of thoughts takes precendance over the students' mind, only their rational skills, and the evidence, which they would be taught, through jurisprudence, and history (preIslamic, Seerah-era, Salafi, Caliphate, and Modern), as well as classical Arabic, Quran, tauhid, tafseer, ahadith, ect...

Through which students could choose to specialize in numerous feilds. Banking, family counselling, marriage counselling/divorce counselling and law, Imam training, Sheikh [teaching] training, Islamic art, Islamic music, Islamic media, Islamic marketing, Islamic medicine, Islamic sciences.... Having a course load similiar to other University programs which would be transferable for course credits at universities through out the world [both Islamic and Accademic], not only of a religious nature, but endeavoring to the richness of classical Islamic thought and achievments.

Think about it. Islam has so many areas of study.

  • History, through all its periods, from historical as well as Islamic sources.

-including classical Arabic


-how to authenticate Islamic daleel (evidences)

-historical branches, such as shariah, and textiles, even archeology and anthropology

  • Shariah and Islamic Jurisprudance


-schools of thought including ALL sects and madhabs

-specialized focus into developed subject realms as as Sheikh training and overall course for Imams

-dealing with Islam in the modern day

  • Quran and Sunnah

-in terms of tauhid

-language and litterature



  • Applications of Islamic Knowledge

-development of Islamic medium such as internet and television programming, articles, ect...

-development and conservation of knowledge and resources through archives and new articles and journals

-Islamic art and design

-Islamic music/dance [halal alternatives]

-Islamic banking

-Sadaqah management

-Family Management

-Community Managment

I see endless possibilities, and I am still brainstorming right now, how EXACTLY to get it off the ground. But if it were at all possible, how many of you would be interested, either as qualified teachers, or as students?

I mean, me personally, I am not all that into what they are teaching at Al Ahzar beyond language and old madhabs, and going to Iran to study is a bit scary for one whose written what I have (yet I like to read books from Iran). And Saudi is hard for female students unless they are married or have family there.

Sooo let me know what ya'll think.