Saturday, July 24, 2010

Up to 541 unmoderated comments, ughhhhhhhh

Soooooooooooooooooooooo Pixie UPDATE:

I am in Oman. [Most of my loyal readers and blog friends know this] I came to the Gulf to find halal employment. My old job was in a bank. That dealt in riba. Soooo... Yes Y [my Saudi husband for those that are unfamiliar with the blog], I know you don't want me to bother with ANY personal information, but people back home, ummmmm, I didn't leave my husband because I didn't like him?! WTH? LOL, some of the gossip people engage in is really funny. It is like that children's game, Telephone, where you whisper something in one person's ear and it comes back to you after passing a circle and it is sooooooooooo messed up, lol, is nothing like what you originally said at all?

I came here because I wanted to have an easier life, I mean, be able to wear niqab even if I want and walk down the street like that is normal. Y had to stay in Canada. Our life was there, and yes, lol, I winced out of the hard stuff. But alhamdulilah, after Ramadaan Y can come here.

I know some crazy stuff happened with Aalia (anyone gossiping about her or taking joy in her current sit. you are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay beyond messed up and Allah guide you and take pity on you, ameen) and people I think are mixing us, because we have been BFF for a long time, & because of what I said in relation to Aalia's current situation over at "Chasing Jannah." I am in a totally different situation than Aalia so please don't try and "guess" or be "suspicious" of what, lol, I didn't come to you and say? It's REALLY annoying. My life is going great, alhamdulilah, and it has been a challenge, and I've had to think about what is really important, ie what I need out of life and what makes a marriage and where to live ect, but those are normal things for any mature person. I am sorry I don't share much beyond my general spot on the globe. I used to blog alot and realized it had become a pressure, and alot of people wanted to know about my personal life. Those I am close with well even them I keep some things private from.

Some people were flat out mean. What they said wasn't true so I don't even have to mention it. You mixing people and places. LOL, some of the gossip was great. Now I will never watch Celeb gossip shows again. Of any kind. I feel bad for them. I no longer have a TV or a regularily accesible computer or a CD player and you know what, I am so happy LOL.

Anyways, the point of this post is to say, I have retired from major daily fashion posting. I still love fashion and hijab but don't have the energy to make sets and surf the net for pics. I said everything I believe is important to be said about hijab all the ways I could say it.

As for Islam, I studying Surah Al Baqarah right now, memorizing it in English and Arabic and studying the tasfeer around it. It takes me a whole day to memorize and understand 1 ayah? Well, lol, so what?! There aren't as many ayaat in Al Bakarah as there are days in the year so if I manage 1 a day in 1 year I'll have learnt quite alot. I would like to post on this all eventually. And finish writing a "Girl's Guide to Islam" but I am quite busy just living and being happy and being thankful to Allah for all that He subhanhu wa ta'ala has provided.

Monday, July 12, 2010

491 Unmoderated Comments, OH DEAR!!!!

Asalaam alaykom ramatullahi wa barakto dearest sisters (and extroidinarily LOYAL followers):

I have been AWOL. I have 491 unmoderated comments! I don't know what to start with. I still don't have a computer so please forgive me, I don't like to go to internet cafes.

As for my personal life, I have settled quite nicely in Oman. I have a beautiful villa in a safe neighborhood (as opposed to before) and Y is coming in Ramadaan. Boxie will be back unless we marry her off.

I got offered a job in the abaya industry and in journalism here but for some reason where I am working right now just seemed more right. I am focussing less on dawah and more on educating myself (forgive all LOL, it is one of the blessings of being in the Gulf). But I still get to give dawah, ironically, to born Muslims.

I truly do love Oman. It is peaceful here.

A unique thing I have learnt about the country is the types of Islam practiced here. The main population of Oman practices Ibhadhi Islam, a small small minority are Shia (mainly in Mutrah area), and the Sunnis tend to be from Sur (Sharqiyah region). So I have had the oppurtunity to study Shia sources and Ibhadhi ones. I still hold fast to believing my readings in the Sunnah carry more weight and the basic principles of Shiaism to me are very wrong (also the history of the Saudi Royal Family makes me soooooo mad about what they practice as 'sunnah'). One of my friends who is shia got kicked in the head on hajj for using her clay stone. I of course think the use of the stone a bida but kicking someone ( a little girl of 8!!!!) in the head????? HOW IS THAT GOING TO CHANGE HER MIND? MAKE HER MINDLESS maybe... Grrrr.

Anyways, love Oman, will try to post more regularily. I have just taken a vacation from blogging. Please forgive!

Love always,